The mission of Moving Into Presence is to offer accessible yoga, movement and meditation to office workers and older adults.

  • Do you enjoy being active, but sometimes feel like you’re “not flexible” or “fit enough” or “too old” for yoga? (I understand, but I’m here to assure you that these are false beliefs!)

  • Do you work at a desk most of the day and have related aches and pains?

  • Perhaps you’ve been wanting to meditate, but you feel like it’s impossible to sit still or calm your mind.

The heart of my teaching is helping you develop awareness, ease and stability, so you can move, breathe and feel better in everyday life. I’ll help you get your body moving in new, functional ways that translate to the rest your life. I’ll also share with you portable mindfulness tools you can use on-the-spot to navigate challenging moments. If it’s your intention, you can transfer all of these skills to your work, your relationships and your greater life purpose.



My yoga journey began in 2012, when I started practicing meditation to learn how to work with anxiety and depression. Soon after, I delved into the physical practice of yoga as well. I’ve been a dancer my whole life, and I immediately connected with the healing power of conscious movement in yoga. I found that my seated meditation and yoga practices supported each other and guided me through major life transitions and challenges.

In 2015 and 2016, I completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training with Jeni Winterburn, E-RYT 500 and Hanna Somatic Educator, at Yoga Nook in Simi Valley, CA. In 2018, I became a Certified Accessible Yoga Ambassador after completing 30 hours of Accessible Yoga Training with Jivana Heyman and Sarah Helt. I consider myself a lifelong student of movement and meditation, and am continually learning and evolving as a teacher.

My teaching draws from a variety of movement modalities beyond traditional yoga, but the common thread is always awareness of the breath. In addition to classic yoga postures, I incorporate meditation techniques, somatic movement, functional movement, strength and resistance training, and dance-inspired creative movement. I prefer to guide students through their own unique practice with inquiry and experimentation rather than emphasizing a particular shape or aesthetic.

I also specialize in office yoga and meditation and have led sessions at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and California Association of Realtors, among other clients in business, entertainment and tech. I have offered a variety of signature workshops, including How to Start a Meditation Practice, Dancing into Stillness, Self-Care SundaysDharana & Dhyana: Concentration & Meditation and Sacred Dance.